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What is CMMS and how can it improve the bottom line of your business?

Asset intensive companies need to maintain and manage their equipment in order to ensure the highest levels of operational efficiency.

Through computerisation and CMMS; planned maintenance is made much easier bringing about greater efficiency and profitability to your organisation. 

The correct software can help you manage your assets, comply with legislation and maintain a high level of integrity.

Shop around or seek independent advice – there are many options on the market and there will be one that suits your business perfectly. There are many options in terms of functionality, support and cost of software so be careful. Also be mindful that your IT people will need to know what you are doing, so it would be better to get them on board as part of the team early on.

Often software is looked upon as the solution – be sure that your team knows that the software is only a tool that will help deliver your policy – it will not achieve this on its own.

At EPM Solutions we have access to and extensive experience with a wide variety of software solutions and can help you make a more informed choice. We can help you specify, suggest, and select the best CMMS software for your requirements.

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