Asset Integrity & Compliance

Successful management of Asset Integrity requires a clear strategy, not just for periodic examination, but for the whole plant lifecycle.

This is especially important on sites where the consequences of integrity failure
can be harmful to life and the environment.

Create a coordinated approach to Technical Integrity and Compliance

Generate and managing an ongoing timetable for action by creating a coordinated approach to technical issues across all process conditions and equipment types in relation to site integrity and legislative compliance.

Having an Asset Integrity and Assurance System in place will prevent major accidents and hazards from occurring by minimising, as low as is reasonably practicable, unacceptable situations from arising such as loss of primary, secondary, tertiary containment; explosions or fire and harm to people or the environment, to ensure business continuity, and assets are available to provide business function.

Our specific technical and legislative knowledge allows us to provide assurance of technical integrity and compliance.

Legislation Compliance:

Compliance is about adhering to legislation – which can be complex and ever changing.

Our specific technical and legislative knowledge allows us to assure your compliance and maintain Integrity of your Assets.

Compliant businesses will limit the consequences to people and the environment of any major accidents that may occur.

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