Business Review

Aspire to best practice in the management of all asset and
engineering related functions

Raise the profile of asset management and align with international best practice and in particular the principles of ISO55001 (the international standard for asset management).

Start with an initial far reaching Strategic Asset Management and Business Review.

This review will consider all areas of your operation with particular emphasis towards identifying any gaps and improvements that may be made to the Asset Management and Engineering activities within the business.

Our role is to get inside your business and understand it – how each department interacts, individual job functions and your management structure.

At the end of this stage we will all understand:

  • Business organisational structure
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Business processes, systems, documents, engineering, governance, integrity, risk, finance etc…
  • Outcome of this work culminates in a board level presentation and a detailed action plan report, suggesting options for you to consider – all aligned ISO55001

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