CMMS Health Check Audit

Sometimes you just need an extra bit of reassurance that everything is OK

Your CMMS is a vital tool to demonstrate compliance to the competent authority.

CMMS Admin might be a little behind, Drawings are out of sync with Tagging and the Asset Register, work might not be getting carried out or signed off properly, defects might be sitting outstanding in your system – but when it happens, you’re just too close or busy to really see if there are any problems.

‘CMMS Health Check’ is an audit process, flexible and tailored to your specific requirements and will fit to the maturity of your CMMS. A recently installed system will have teething trouble and require closer mentoring whereby a more mature system may just need light touch support.

Through the health check we check all aspects of a CMMS and offer support including:

  • Technical Assurance and Governance
  • Asset Register , task, checklists and planner review
  • Workflow routine established
  • Filing System and work audit trail is in place
  • Work planned is being carried out
  • KPI Reporting
  • Work Orders are being signed off correctly
  • Defect system being used correctly
  • Personnel and Contractor/ Supplier information is up to date
  • Change Management – Asset Registers, Drawings, Tagging
  • Positives aspects and Improvements
  • Site suggestions and feedback
  • Suitability of Task detail, layout and frequency between jobs
  • New or Obsolete assets reported by site staff
  • Development opportunities
  • Supervisor and Operator feedback sessions – troubleshooting
  • Advise on use of system and update training as required
  • Regular site visits can be scheduled to fit with your operational plan and an audit action report issued

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