Managing Assets

Realise value and long-term benefits from managing your assets.
Let EPM take away the pain of managing your assets.

Implementing and managing every detail; but where to start? Here’s a list of some of the things you will be thinking about.

  • Asset Management Software (CMMS) Selection
  • Asset Registers, Site Surveys, Equipment Tagging
  • Populating CMMS with all its Data, Data Cleansing, Project Implementation Management
  • As-Built CAD Technical Drawings: Process and Instrumentation Diagrams (PID); Electrical Single Line Diagrams (SLD); Site Layouts, Underground Services
  • Maintenance Planning, Task Research and Creation
  • CMMS Admin, Audit, and Change Management Support
  • Ongoing CMMS Support and Contractor Management

EPM specialise in Asset Information, Knowledge and
Implementation of Software Systems, it’s what we do.

Software - CMMS

What is CMMS and how can it improve the bottom line of your business? Choose the right Software to help manage your Assets.

The correct software can help you manage your assets, maintain a high level of integrity and comply with legislation – but there are many options on the market. At EPM we have access to and extensive experience with a wide variety of software solutions and can help you make a more informed choice.

We can help you specify and select the best CMMS software for your requirements.

Populating a CMMS

Implementation of a CMMS is not just about software – it’s about population!
Without an Asset Register and a properly formulated Asset Maintenance Strategy, a CMMS simply won’t deliver the expected benefits for you and your business.

Implementing the strategy can be extremely time-consuming and potentially difficult to fit in to your operational schedule. Without asset data, work routines and planning, your CMMS will simply not work!

Looking to change your CMMS and need to migrate and align all your data to the new system?

We’re here to help with all of that, supporting you every step of the way.

Yes, we will create a detailed Asset Register, we will work with your technical teams to research, validate and compile relevant Work Routines and we’ll input and link all the data on your behalf. Of course, if you prefer to do all this on your own then we are here to offer advice and guidance as need be.

Asset Tagging

Asset Management Needs Good Tagging

Asset identification and tagging is an essential component of a good asset management strategy. It helps a company’s assets to become quickly identifiable and ties the asset to the overall asset plan and maintenance schedule.

As part of the asset management process asset identification is a key element because it links with the computerised maintenance management software (CMMS) to provide critical information.

At EPM, asset tagging is part of a complete end to end solution that starts with the asset management strategy and follows through to site surveys and drawing validations.

EPM is able to deliver all of these from under one roof, giving you the peace of mind and convenience that comes with an all in one solution.

Technical Drawings and Documents

The spine of any Asset Management System

A fully documented record of your technical infrastructure are essential aspects of an Asset Management System. 

CAD Drawings and Reference Documentation can quickly get out of date.

It’s not the most glamourous aspect of engineering work either, it’s a challenge at times, we know this!

Our technical teams will do all the work for you.

Strategy and Maintenance Task Development

EPM implement a maintenance strategy through a combination of our own expertise and our customers’ valuable input. It’s a tried and tested method for successfully formulating and implementing asset maintenance strategies.

We combine manufacturers’ recommendations with our own experience, your experience, and the event history and records to produce the strategy and subsequent detail.
EPM can help you every step of the way to implement the detail – yes, we will research, validate, compile, input and map all the information on your behalf.

We’ll link it all together for you in the CMMS, no problem.

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