Asset Registers

Poor Asset Data leads to poor Asset Management

If that rings true and you don’t know where to begin then you’ll be pleased to know EPM have the solution. And it’s not just about gathering Asset Data and pushing that information into a spreadsheet either.

There are 3 main elements to creating a robust Asset Register;

  • Asset Data
  • Technical Documentation
  • Tagging

Link these 3 things together, and manage change ongoing, to be in complete control of your Asset Register.

Aligning all your asset data in readiness for transfer and upload to your chosen CMMS is seamless.

Our technical teams will do all the work for you. Surveying your site to provide a validated and clean Asset Register for all your plant and equipment. Installing Tags to cross reference with the Asset Register, Reference Drawings and Documentation is all in a days work!

Existing CAD Drawings and Reference Documentation are updated and new ones created for all process plant and systems including; site layouts, process and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs), single line electrical diagrams (SLDs), electrical layout and distribution, pipework and machine layouts.

EPM specialise in creating Asset Registers, it’s what we do

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