Asset Tagging

Asset Management Needs Good Tagging

Asset identification and tagging is an essential component of a good asset management strategy. It helps a company’s assets to become quickly identifiable and ties the asset to the overall asset plan and maintenance schedule.

As part of the asset management process asset identification is a key element because it links with the computerised maintenance management software (CMMS) to provide critical information. For instance an asset tag and its unique code will provide a quick and effective source for the following types of information:

  • When was the asset last inspected?
  • Are there any repairs due?
  • Who has been contracted to carry out those repairs?
  • Is the asset business or hazardous critical?
  • Is the asset due for replacement?

At EPM, asset tagging is part of a complete end to end solution that starts with the asset management strategy and follows through to site surveys and drawing validations.

As EPM is able to deliver all of these from under one roof this gives our clients the peace of mind and convenience that comes with an all in one solution. Asset tagging is particularly important in process industries where there is a large amount of pipe work.

Much of EPM’s experience in this area has been developed with major oil and gas installations where pipes, pumps and tanks are in abundance – installation of barcode tags for easy recognition by handheld devices is fairly standard.

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