Asset Management

Implement an Asset Management strategy; realising value and long term benefits from your assets, for your business.
Asset Management is; Coordinated activity of an organization to realise value from assets.

Notes; Source; ISO 55000:2014 (3.3.1)

    1. Realization of value will normally involve a balancing of costs, risks, opportunities and performance benefits.
    2. Activity can also refer to the application of the elements of the asset management system.
    3. The term “activity” has a broad meaning and can include, for example, the approach, the planning, the plans and their implementation.

ISO55000 is the international reference standard for the optimal management of physical assets and provides the definition of good practice in terms of their whole-life management. It’s an indispensable benchmark for any organisation where physical assets are vital for operational success.

The ISO55000 series comprises of three standards: 

  • An overview of Asset Management and the standard terms and definitions to be used.
  • A requirements specification for an integrated, effective management system for assets.
  • A guidance for the implementation of such a system.

At EPM Solutions we can help you achieve ISO550000 standard and a best practice framework for your business.

We will audit and benchmark your business against the requirements of the standard, create and deliver a concise action plan and help you maintain it throughout your business.

EPM specialise in Asset Management, it’s what we do 🙂

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