Asset Management

Creating a sensible and practical action plan for Managing Assets,
delivering assurance of Asset Integrity and Compliance.

What we do, and the service we offer, is closely aligned to the requirements of ISO55001; the international reference standard for the optimal management of physical assets, but not wedded to it. 

Our role is to structure practical processes and systems for your business that provide confidence and governance, delivering an assurance of asset integrity and compliance. We provide practical solutions and if you aspire to certification then we help you to achieve that too.

As an independent partner we have the expertise and resources to help you manage your assets.

Business Review

Aspire to best practice in the management of all asset related functions.

This review will consider all areas of your operation with particular emphasis towards identifying any gaps and improvements that may be made to the Asset Management and Engineering activities within the business. Our role is to get inside your business and understand it – how each department interacts, individual job functions and your management structure. This work is far reaching, culminating in a board level presentation and a detailed action plan report.

Action Plan Audit

Create a sensible and practical action plan for Managing Your Assets.

What if you’re not sure where to start? Our Action Plan Audit for Managing Your Assets covers a wide spectrum of Asset Management activity within your business.  It’s aligned to ISO55001 but not wedded to it. 

We will take a snapshot of where your business is now and deliver a roadmap report that can be completed as quickly as 2 days.

It’s a sensible and practical action plan for managing your assets.

CMMS Health Check Audit

Sometimes you just need an extra bit of reassurance that everything is OK.

CMMS Admin might be a little behind, drawings are out of sync with tagging and the asset register, work might not be getting carried out or signed off properly, defects might be sitting outstanding in your system. Remote or on site; ‘CMMS Health Check’ is an audit process, flexible and tailored to your specific requirements and will fit to the maturity of your CMMS.

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