Listing forward… on the search for Net Zero!

It was a great pleasure to attend “Steps to Net Zero for Business (Renfrewshire)” hosted by Renfrewshire Council and Glasgow City Region partners. The event was billed as a call to action for progressive thinkers and inspirational businesses ready to take the next steps to net zero.
Inspirational stuff!!!

Speakers and topics covered were stimulating enough to keep the audience interested and engaged, skilfully chaired by the knowledgeable Alison Wood of the Edinburgh Climate Change Institute.  Solar panel capital investment vs payback and a circular economy presentation in the wind turbine sector were only 2 highlights from a few more I could mention.

Data and knowledge were common themes, I am really impressed by what Scottish Leather Group are doing in turning food sector by-products into a multi-million £££ globally reaching organisation, interacting with instantly recognisable global brands - cow hides to leather products, an international global brand in their own right and all from a Renfrewshire base. What a brilliant business they are, congratulations!

Scottish Leather Group are serious about challenging their environmental credentials too and becoming as close to net zero as they can be.  How to start though? They say start with data, gather it, measure it, challenge it and improve it. Can’t really argue with that because if you don’t know about it, how you can’t measure it and do all the other good stuff?

Where do EPM fit in, are we playing our part, are we making any contribution at all towards net zero - making for a better global environment?

Maintenance engineers supervising the condition of the power equipment in a wind turbines power station

In short, yes, we are. EPM are in the business of providing data, creating knowledge; knowledge of assets, plant equipment and process systems, we are helping asset intensive organisations to nurture, challenge and improve their asset base – realising full value! With this challenge it follows naturally to being more efficient, understanding utility and energy usage, reducing the same, maximising asset life, minimising harm to the environment and one not fully embraced in industrial, hazardous and FM sectors, if truth be told; reducing waste and embracing circular economy opportunities – maintaining and sweating components of their infrastructure and “up cycling” for want of a better phrase, rather than resorting to redundancy and scrap. 

All this starts with making lists, asset registers - what have you got, where is it, what does it do and what is the plan for its life (and beyond). That’s probably what I took away from the event - EPM are already helping in the search towards net zero, (amongst many other things we do) we create knowledge, we compile lists and asset registers. EPM certainly look forward to doing more, measuring, challenging, nurturing and improving.

Keep making lists!

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