Document and Demonstrate!

2 of the most powerful words I use when meeting customers are:

Document and Demonstrate!

Particularly when discussing asset management and integrity of plant and equipment.

Best practice may be evident in all shapes and sizes but if you cannot demonstrate this when something goes wrong then you should think again.
How can best practice be passed on to all levels of staff if it is not documented.

Documented processes systems and procedures must be in place to minimise the impact of this type of scenario.

I often hear the story of the older trades guys and technicians about to retire.

"we dont know how we can replace him - he has so much experience and knowledge of how our plant works"

"its all in his head"

How can this be made better.

Document the information, create technical drawings of your infrastructure and systems, create technical libraries, store plant operational parameters, record defect information, create processes and audit them.

Know what plant you have, where it is, what its operational limits are, what needs to be done, by whom(with what level of competence) and how often, to allow your plant to opearte safely.

You will then be able to Demonstrate what you do and why you do it.