Action Plan Audit

Create a sensible and practical action plan for Managing Your Assets.

What if you’re not ready for ISO55000, not sure where to start, don’t know if its right for your business?
Our Action Plan Audit for Managing Your Assets covers a wide spectrum of Asset Management activity within your business. 

It’s aligned to ISO55000 but not wedded to it. 

We will take a snapshot of where your business is now and deliver a roadmap report that can be completed as quickly as 2 days. It’s a sensible and practical action plan for managing your assets, including:

  • Business Planning and Risk,
  • Technical Policies,
  • Safety Criticality and Compliance,
  • Asset Governance,
  • Asset Knowledge,
  • Technical Documents,
  • Asset Planning,
  • CMMS interrogation,
  • Continuous Improvement and Training.

This cost effective option can be applied across industry sectors.

EPM specialise in Managing Assets, it’s what we do 🙂

If you would like more information on how we can help with Managing Your Assets or indeed the full range of services available from EPM then please contact us.