Integrity Management

Create a coordinated approach to Technical Integrity and Compliance.

Compliance is about adhering to legislation – which can be complex and ever changing.
Our specific technical and legislative knowledge allows us to assure your compliance and maintain Integrity of your Assets.

Generate and managing an ongoing timetable for action by creating a coordinated approach to technical issues across all process conditions and equipment types in relation to site integrity and legislative compliance.

Standardisation of approach to Technical Integrity and Assurance across the business is a deliverable from this body of work. We’ll set it all up and regularly check it for you.

Noted here are some items to think about.

  • Asset Management Governance,
  • Managing Assets,
  • Project Management and Design,
  • Legislation affecting the industry and local conditions,
  • Key Infrastructure Drawings,
  • Document management,
  • Management of Change,
  • Acceptable standard of maintenance for all asset types,
  • Key Performance Indicators and reporting,
  • Contractor network management,
  • Written Scheme of Examination – Pressure Systems,
  • Written Scheme of Examination – Hazardous Systems,
  • Drainage condition assessments,
  • Bund condition assessments,
  • Bund calculations,
  • Tertiary containment study,
  • Operational limits and set points known,
  • Thermal relief study,
  • Tank Level set point study and drawings,
  • Equipment condition assessments,
  • Fire Safety Risk Assessments,
  • DSEAR – Hazardous Area Classification studies,
EPM specialise in Asset Integrity and Compliance, it’s what we do 🙂

If you would like more information on how we can help with Asset Integrity or indeed the full range of services available from EPM then please contact us.