Service 1st

“It’s not the customers’ problem, its ours” Gary Kerr, Managing Director, EPM Solutions.

At EPM Solutions we place service as our number one priority. This means that while, of course, we will deliver what you ask of us technically, we also focus on how we communicate and behave.

Because we are a service organisation, the service we offer to our customers is as important as the technical delivery of what we do. The bottom line is that we want you to receive great service from EPM. That’s why we have created our own managed service programme – Service 1st – that allows us to work on providing you with a positive experience at each stage of the cycle of service.

We will communicate with you and behave in the proper way to ensure that what you ask of us and what we deliver is the same thing. As a customer focused business we have just one simple aim – to ensure your complete satisfaction at all times.

Ask us and we will tell you more about Service First – our managed service programme.